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Science Teacher Institute: “Improving Teaching and Learning in STEM”

(Focus: Air Quality and Climate Change)
June 15-18, 2015
Cost: $125 ($350 value)

“I would recommend this experience to any science teacher. Great examples of how to teach interactive science.” SMSTI participant

“I can’t wait to take these activities back to my classroom. My brain is really motivated to learn more – my students will love coming here.” SMSTI participant

We are excited to offer our Science Teacher Institute (STI) June 15-18, 2015!

TEACHERS – Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn about current trends in Air Quality, Climate Change and a variety of other research-based Citizen Science projects that are easy to replicate at your school while living and learning in the rich biodiversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You will gain new approaches and tools for improving science teaching and learning that will transform your teaching in the classroom!

Teachers will have an opportunity to learn from Tremont faculty, NPS educators, other teachers and researchers working in the national park, all with the idea of putting resources in your hands that will further inspire and inform your science pedagogy.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Provide teachers in communities neighboring the park with an awareness and understanding of biodiversity in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, threats to that biodiversity, and biodiversity - focused inventory and monitoring research such as the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory.
  2. Provide teachers support in order to help them involve their students in citizen science opportunities in the park and in their schoolyard.
  3. Provide teachers with current research-based science teaching and learning approaches and tools that will increase your students’ wonder, curiosity and love for science.
  4. Develop and strengthen on-going relationships among the park, its partners, and local teachers.
  5. Train local teachers in the use of technology relevant to biodiversity research and provide ways for them to use that technology to enhance their teaching.

Field Sessions will include:

Who can apply?
Upper Elementary, middle and high school teachers, limit of 2 registrants per school.

Cost: $125 non-refundable registration fee (includes meals and lodging). This week is a $350 value. We are making it available to select teachers through an application process for $125. Any applicants not selected for the institute will be refunded their $125.

TEACHERS: By attending this program, you will qualify to be free when you bring your school group, and all of your students will come at a reduced rate.